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Mystique Testimonial | Three Daughters, Three Weddings

Mystique Testimonial | Three Daughters, Three Weddings

Mystique Testimonial:

Three Daughters, Three Weddings

  Three daughters and three weddings, all in the last three years.  Two of the receptions took place in large Boston hotels, and the last at a restaurant function room in our home town of Cohasset, MA.  Each event was different in character, theme, venue, and size – one 200 plus guests, another about 150, and one of just over one hundred guests.  At the first, virtually all guests were from the Boston area; the other two grooms were from out of state, and their families and guests came from afar.  And despite the enormous potential for issues, problems,   or screw ups of all kinds, the truly amazing thing is that all three weddings and receptions were huge successes.  Incredibly, each came off without a hitch.   There were two major reasons for that remarkable record of success:  first, my lovely wife’s innate event planning skill and gift for attention to detail; and number two, and equally important, the outstanding music provided by the band Mystique at all three weddings!

  By way of full disclosure:  My wife and I, and our families have no personal connection or relation to anyone involved with Mystique.  We are merely extremely satisfied customers.

  That said, we first took notice of Mystique when they played at our niece’s wedding, where we had a wonderful time enjoying and dancing to their music.  When daughter number one got engaged and the planning began in earnest, very early on Mystique was identified as her band of choice.  The event was held on New Year’s Eve 2012, and I believe it would be impossible to find anyone who attended that did not have a great time.  The reception started at about 8:00 PM, and I was struck by the fact that at half past midnight, we still had more than 150 guests on the dance floor!

  The other two weddings were no different.  Daughters number two and three, despite strong desires, to have weddings of their own design, each quickly decided that they too wanted Mystique.  My wife had specifically requested extra-large dance floors at each venue, and yet they still seemed crowded all night long.  One son-in-law is from the mid-west, and we were tickled to see his family dancing and clearly having such a good time.  We’ve so often heard that the folks from the “heartland” can be a bit reserved, but no doubt the music moved them too    literally!

  Why were so many guest having so much fun at three different weddings?  Because Peter and the band listened carefully to our requests and our musical tastes, and they provided the perfect mix of classic rock, a handful of slower timeless hits, a wonderful Motown set (my wife and the girls just love Aretha’s “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”!), and enough contemporary tunes to satisfy all generations.  Live music is such a treat, and Mystique’s sound was outstanding!  The instrumentals were tight and professional, and the horns and sax added a terrific big band feel.  Vocals were crisp and pleasing, and we especially appreciated the wonderful performances of a few specific requests we had made.  I was nervous when daughter number three requested a relatively obscure David Bowie tune for their first dance, but the response from Mystique was, “No problem.  It’s not on our regular play list, but we’ll learn it in time for the wedding.”  And they performed it beautifully.   Finally, I also appreciated the band’s flexibility and understanding when my “shy” 29-year-old jumped up on stage, grabbed a tambourine, and joined in.

  As we danced, laughed, sang along and had so much fun, it was obvious to everyone present that the members of Mystique were fully engaged with the crowd, and they were having just as much fun as we were.  They were really into it.  It wasn’t just a job for them.  We could feel that; and so did our guests.

  So there you have it.  Three daughters with very different personalities, careers, and tastes; who all selected the same band to play at their weddings.  And there is no doubt that if they had it to do over again, they would make the same musical choice, with our full support.  That’s why we have come to think of Mystique as, not our “house band”, but perhaps our “family band”.  Thank you Mystique!

 – Dave & Jane Henderson, Cohasset, MA


That was quite the testimonials, we are deeply humbled by your words Dave & Jane!


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